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Dictionary of Competencies and Role Approach in BPO Sector Operations

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It is the fundamental tool to manage the human talent of the BPO sector, under the competency approach (observable behaviors), hence it constitutes the common denominator in the articulation of the different areas of the BPO operations, monitoring, human resources, work force, guaranteed the integral development of human resources.

This instrument is the result of a process of construction of experiences articulated in more than 70 BPO operations in Latin America, integrating in the tool roles and functions of positions such as Chief of Operations, Supervisors, Coordinators, team leaders, advisers, monitors, trainers , workforce, among others.

The Dictionary of Competencies has been adjusted and standardized to improve the application of processes related to the promotion and development of BPO officials.


  • Success stories in similar campaigns.

  • Customized to the conditions of each campaign.

  • Includes roles and functions of operations positions and support areas.


  • Increase FCR, Improve CEX (Customer Experience)

  • TMO decrease

  • Decrease in care costs

  • Focus on the role.

  • Facilitates dispersion control.

Addressed to

Operations  sales, service and collections.

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