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Consolidating Quality Areas for BPO Operations

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It is the consulting process that consolidates the Quality area in BPO operations by establishing:

  1. Mission and vision.

  2. Government model with operational area.

  3. Sizing of the area.

  4. Transactional monitoring formats.

  5. Types of reports.

  6. Structure: Roles, Functions, Profiles, Performance measurement.

  7. Precision Model Development.


  • Success stories in similar campaigns.

  • Customized to the conditions of each campaign.

  • Monitoring formats.

  • Precision kit.


  • Increase FCR, Improve CEX (Customer Experience).

  • TMO decrease.

  • Decrease in care costs.

  • Monitoring area strengthening.

Addressed to

Sales, service and collections operations.


Definition Optimizing Quality Process

Service that implements quality with high standards  delivering useful management information  to improve the objectives previously identified with the client and in turn define actions  strategic and decision making by the client.

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  • Scope

  • Analysis Matrix (Management Model)

  • i.  Best practices versus equivalent companies
    ii. Gaps regarding:
    1. Indicators
    2. Sizing
    3. Organizational structure: Operational, Support
    4. Human resources: profiles, descriptions of agent tasks,
    managers. Performance reviews, awards and penalties
    5. Monitoring: Agent monitoring formats
    6. Balanced scorecard

  • Collection of monitoring samples:

   to. Processing interactions in the channels defined under formats
   b. Grouping into categories

  • Data Analysis:

    -Results by: Advisor, Supervisor and Campaigns
    -The root cause of the most relevant issues that they present is determined and analyzed
    in the alerts box.

  • Reports: Indicators of the quality management to be generated

  • Action plans: Process, KPI's, Supervisor, Advisors, Monitoring format,
    training, others.


  • Increase Promise of payment

  • Increase Sales

  • Increase FCR

  • CEX Improvement (Customer Experience)

  • TMO decrease

  • Decrease in care costs

Addressed to

Directors, coordinators, heads of operations

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