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Monitoring Manual

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It is the fundamental tool to manage monitoring processes of the different BPO operations campaigns. It contains the best practices on how to perform monitoring processes in ELITE BPO operations.

Consider in Transactional Monitoring:

  1. Monitoring format.

  2. Monitoring manual.

  3. Skills to monitor.

  4. Sub items to consider.

  5. Weight of each of the skills.

  6. Qualification methods.

  7. Measurement scale.

  8. Calibration to monitors.


  • Success stories in similar campaigns.

  • Customized to the conditions of each campaign.

  • Includes monitoring format.


  • Increase FCR, Improve CEX (Customer Experience).

  • TMO decrease.

  • Decrease in care costs.

  • Monitoring area strengthening.

Addressed to

Operations  sales, service and collections.

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